Web3 Social is here.

ModeChat is the first decentralized social network on the Mode L2 blockchain.

Web3 Social is a place where social media is fully decentralized, permissionless and all the data is owned by users. The way it should be.

Let's leave the old world of corporation-controlled social media behind us and move towards a decentralized future. We promise, it's going to be a lot of fun!

Brought to you by the Punk Domains & Iggy Social team.

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Tech stack

This chat is built on top of various decentralized and open source technologies, such as:

Can anyone run a frontend?

Yes! The frontend code is open source and available on GitHub. Anyone can run their own instance of ModeChat on their own server (and domain), and it will show the exact same content as this chat (same posts and replies).

This web app is a pure frontend app and does not rely on any web2 backend. Posts are stored on IPFS (via Ceramic/Orbis), and all the blockchain interactions are done on the Mode network.


Feel free to post ideas, features suggestions, rants directly in this chat.